As I close my eyes,

I can feel the fire burning,

When the flames rise,

I can feel my soul learning.

To stand amidst the blaze,

To feel the growing rage,

In my eyes you can see the glaze,

Like a new book with the glossy page.

Every time I turn to ash,

I rise again with the same light,

Of the inferno with the wildest flash,

Like the Phoenix to the world alight.

For I believe in standing fierce,

On the way of every hurdle,

Even when the sword pierces,

Never let down your girdle.

Stand mighty among the crowd,

Stand steady to make yourself proud,

Stand till your wounds thrive,

Stand till the day resurrection arrives.

And as you rise again from the dead,

Let your pain know you’re ahead,

Kill it with shame for it burns,

When your soul to you returns. (Image copyrights reserved)


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