It Is You And I

Our beloved Ruskin Bond once revealed to the world, the reality of time with such honest precision and clarity, which we still hesitate to accept,

It isn’t time that’s passing by, it is you and I.

Time is constantly moving yet its so subtlely still that we hardly notice. It’s so alarmingly perpetual and consistent that I’ve started believing it to be a devoted companion. It stays more unwaveringly than anybody else can ever stay. Because at the end, we all turn to dust while it watches us, beside us.

Hello there,

My subtle companion,

My watchful precarious friend.

You watched me bud,

In your presence I bloomed,

Will you caress me while I wither away to my end?

Hold my hand,

As I breathe in gulps of life,

While it deceives me every second.

Forgive us,

For defining you with boundaries,

That confine us, ones we can’t apprehend.

For erstwhile,

The horizons that are drawn,

You effortlessly did cross and bend.

Let me remind myself,

While I lay in quivering reality,

Allowing the naked truth to descend.

It is me, my beloved,

That dries while the sun still shines,

It is me, something you can never mend.

But as I’ll rise again in another realm,

I’ll remember you in my every word,

Of my beholden letters of gratitude that I’ll send.

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