That Empty Aura

This empty feeling


All new bounds,

That can be found.

A blind horizon,

A fading oblivion,

A lost sensation,

A yearning salvation.

Can it be reached?

Can it be attained?

The wisdom unfathomable,

Which to majority unavailable.

But this nothingness,

Envelopes around,

Without any fuss,

We’re no where to be found.

Help me tear it.

Help me, myself.

Soul power, be fiery,

Stronger than ivory.

When broken,

I am released,

Free to the heavens,

No more to be freezed.



3 thoughts on “That Empty Aura

  1. Thanks so much for the follow. I have only read one piece of yours so far and i am already intrigued. Will read more when I get the time. It’s getting hard to keep up, but I like to read what my followers are posting.

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