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the beyond

i have an uneasiness within me
a search for the truth
a search for the beyond
where there is no adjunct added to our existence
no cause, no reason, but just some form of
ultimate purity
in which we might have the holy chance
to dwell, to breathe in, to let it embrace us,
so that we may find the ultimate goal
of our fractured reality

i feel i need to lose my every piece
that is encumbered in fallacies,
fragments that deserve to roam freely
into the wilderness of my own
and may be,
just may be,
i may fall upon a pit
that will call upon my abyss
to unravel my final destination,
my personal beyond

the search for truth is a progressive process
the interim is stronger than we think it is
there is death, there is love and
there is pain

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By My Side

You and me,

A story formed,

But a story untold.

Woven with obscurity,

Woven with amour.

Woven unknowingly,

Woven to be shredded.

Into smithereens.

Would you breathe,

Knowing, the story we formed in our lost souls,

Would vanish before materialising?

Would you continue dreaming this story,

Knowing it will remain lost in your nothing box?

Would be you by my side,

Knowing I’d vanish too,

Like the story we wrote,

From every beat of our endearment,

A passion lost before found,

And turning to ashes before catching fire.

You and me,

we can breathe together yet far apart.

You’re turning into the ever burning flame of a stealth fire,

burning every cell, every soul of my soul,

Making me sway,

Like an afternoon of pure summer dream.

I can see the rainbow of our story,

Appearing in the midst of dense dark clouds,

Colouring our lives in the darkest of our nights,

And vanishing without leaving a tinge of color but a revived soul.

Stay by my side,

I don’t want to open my eyes yet,

To face the blinding light of a dead reality.

Hold my hand,

Before I materialise into thin air.

Before I forget to see the unseen colours,

In our ever forming ever lost untold story.

Can’t you see,

We’re the epitome of perfect dreams.

We’re there, peaceful,

Yet tearing each other away with our distance,

With our ever present yet never found devotion.

But just pure bliss of unsaid feelings,

Finding their home in our broken hearts,

Finding our souls,

Forming blind connections,

And keeping us blind towards them.

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As I close my eyes,

I can feel the fire burning,

When the flames rise,

I can feel my soul learning.

To stand amidst the blaze,

To feel the growing rage,

In my eyes you can see the glaze,

Like a new book with the glossy page.

Every time I turn to ash,

I rise again with the same light,

Of the inferno with the wildest flash,

Like the Phoenix to the world alight.

For I believe in standing fierce,

On the way of every hurdle,

Even when the sword pierces,

Never let down your girdle.

Stand mighty among the crowd,

Stand steady to make yourself proud,

Stand till your wounds thrive,

Stand till the day resurrection arrives.

And as you rise again from the dead,

Let your pain know you’re ahead,

Kill it with shame for it burns,

When your soul to you returns. (Image copyrights reserved)

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It Is You And I

Our beloved Ruskin Bond once revealed to the world, the reality of time with such honest precision and clarity, which we still hesitate to accept,

It isn’t time that’s passing by, it is you and I.

Time is constantly moving yet its so subtlely still that we hardly notice. It’s so alarmingly perpetual and consistent that I’ve started believing it to be a devoted companion. It stays more unwaveringly than anybody else can ever stay. Because at the end, we all turn to dust while it watches us, beside us.

Hello there,

My subtle companion,

My watchful precarious friend.

You watched me bud,

In your presence I bloomed,

Will you caress me while I wither away to my end?

Hold my hand,

As I breathe in gulps of life,

While it deceives me every second.

Forgive us,

For defining you with boundaries,

That confine us, ones we can’t apprehend.

For erstwhile,

The horizons that are drawn,

You effortlessly did cross and bend.

Let me remind myself,

While I lay in quivering reality,

Allowing the naked truth to descend.

It is me, my beloved,

That dries while the sun still shines,

It is me, something you can never mend.

But as I’ll rise again in another realm,

I’ll remember you in my every word,

Of my beholden letters of gratitude that I’ll send.

(Image copyrights reserved)

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Black Eyed Susan

Can anyone ever find peace,

In this unworthy race?

Everyday I struggle to even breathe,

Struggle to straighten my face.

I look alive to you,

Happy and playful,

Vibrant with a fading hue,

Of a black eyed Susan so beautiful.

But slowly withering inside,

And dying like its dried petal.

The ghost of my pain resides,

Very much awake and hardly gentle.

Making a pile of my smithereens,

And burning them with its flame,

Only to bring me back to life,

Playing a ruthless cruel game.

If you find peace, let it know am yearning,

With every knock on my door,

Hoping to look into its face.

But finding rather despair, am turning

Into the darkness of my own shadow,

Towards the deepest void and my darkest phase.

(Image copyrights reserved)

PS: I honestly did not intend to make it this darker or gloomier, but sometimes thats how I feel so I ended up writing it that way. Because we obviously pour our hearts out when we write. 🙂

Also, making a comeback to my blog now after such a long time and it feels superb. I hope you guys like my snippets here and I am more than glad to know your thoughts about them. 🙂

Feel free to open up to me in the comments and feel free to drop by whenever you want a daily dose of random poetry. 🙂

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Just let go. Will you?

I think I most definitely need to find peace. I need to love my me-time and I really need to accept and be okay with it. I need to let go of all the negativities in my life and the people emanating them. Unfortunately, these people are my near and dear ones. So I just need to learn to let go. JUST LET GO. If only I could learn that magic trick, if only I could love being alone, all my issues will be solved. A habit dies hard. I am habituated to a presence. Any presence. But I am not used to staying alone at any time, any day and anywhere. Thanks to my mom but that’s just her protectiveness I cannot blame in anyway.

I have no clue as to what to do but I’ll go one step at a time. The first step being, avoid all the negative energies, coming from anywhere or from anyone but I’ve got to ditch all of ’em. Let’s just focus on this for the time being. I’ve got to close my ears, my eyes, my mouth, my mind and whole of my brain towards anything negative, anything that disrupts me or anything unsettling enough to cause even a slight stir from normal in my daily routine.

Secondly, am gonna always try my best to keep myself busy. An idle mind is a devil’s workshop.


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That Empty Aura

This empty feeling


All new bounds,

That can be found.

A blind horizon,

A fading oblivion,

A lost sensation,

A yearning salvation.

Can it be reached?

Can it be attained?

The wisdom unfathomable,

Which to majority unavailable.

But this nothingness,

Envelopes around,

Without any fuss,

We’re no where to be found.

Help me tear it.

Help me, myself.

Soul power, be fiery,

Stronger than ivory.

When broken,

I am released,

Free to the heavens,

No more to be freezed.


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I am of a very unsteady nature.

Even the little ants can disrupt my little life.

I know it ain’t gonna do me good but,

Let’s just have fun in the upsurges of our strife.

Being insecure means,

A volcano of emotions.

People judge, people are afraid,

But nobody cares for these potions.

Embrace yourself I say, love and just love.

You’re made from all the star dust,

You’re special, you flicker high in the night sky.

Forever you shall live and never rust,

Forever you shall be in bliss,

Forever you will be away from this rotten crust.

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That Repose

Walking through a shadowed meadow,

I get lost in the sereneness of the night,

In the calmness of the deepest depth,

In the peace that sets everything right.

A forlorn tale unfolds,

When reality hides its face,

A tale of dreams and rainbows,

A sneak peak before an ugly race.

Let me be free, let me fly,

Away and away from this world so dry,

Far away to the clouds and sunshine,

And live with daisies and unicorns so fine.

Has this earth been tough to you?

Oh yes, its been rough spurting slew,

Am covered in which so heavily,

I can’t come out of it so easily.

But now let me sleep, a sleep so deep,

Let me slide away into my repose,

I don’t want to just live and live lost,

But live in a place where time just froze.